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1  noun  ˈbläg, -ȧg   plural -s
2  intransitive verb   -ed/-ing/-s
: to talk pretentiously and usually inaccurately : lie boastfully


🏛️🗡️ A month ago we commemorated the death of Caesar - now we’re rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

A graffiti mural includes a rendering of the Community Chest image from the board game MONOPOLY, surrounded by graffiti dollar signs and line drawings of Mr. Monopoly. The Phoole and the Gang fuchsia flag logo floats in the lower right corner.

💸 In the US, Monday is Tax Day, the deadline for filing income tax statements - and Jamei suggested we do a show about taxes!

💰 So this week's show is all about taxes, money, poverty, greed, corruption, and related jovial themes. We'll play 2 hours of thematically-related tunes, and we'll talk about what we can do to hold each other up as the US system's social safety net disintegrates.

🤑 Friday 12 Apr 2024, 6pm Central US time at,, &!

🪙 Need help signing up at the different platforms and tuning in? Visit the Phoole & the Gang tab at

💵 Rewind past shows at!

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