• KN95 / FFP2 masks are the minimum you need to wear at all times when outside your house, even if you are vaccinated/boosted.

  • COVID-19 is airborne. Knowing is half the battle! Fight droplet dogma and learn about COVID-19’s airborne dangers in easy-to-grasp infographics! 

  • Make your own inexpensive, very-effective HEPA air purifier to lower the risk of COVID-19 infection in your house, classroom, workplace or shelter!

  • You need to be vaccinated (and boosted if your Johnson & Johnson vaccination was 2 months ago or your Pfizer or Moderna vaccination was complete 6 months ago) to decrease your risk of infection and of infecting others, and to decrease your risk of severe illness if you are infected.

  • US Phooligans: Residential households in the U.S. can order one set of 4 free at-home tests from!

US Phooligans:

  • Who are your local elected officials and judges? Find out here and be ready for future elections:

  • Find your elected officials and contact them quickly and easily to tell them how to represent you! Visit or text RESIST to 50409!

  • Make sure you're registered to vote.


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