Gardens & Gears 2020.jpg

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for Gardens & Gears at the Mitchell Park Domes!

Did you love the tunes? WHAT EVEN WERE THEY? Here is a Spotify playlist of some of them which may divert you and expand your horizons!

Phoole's Panharmonium is music to amuse and amaze time-travelers, adventurers and flaneurs of every century and sensibility. Phoole's incurable curiosity compels her to curate Calliope's curiosities and Terpsichore's terrors to transform your event's dancefloor to a crossroads of civilized calamity, for fringe festivals, Steampunk soirées, circuses, carnivals, conventions, and the grandest of grand balls. Phoole has entertained interactively for over three decades, has published a leading industry manual for interactive entertainment, and entertained millions worldwide through live performance and her weekly webshow Phoole & the Gang. Phoole blends electro-swing, chap-hop, swing-house, exotica, lounge-core, and every genre-mash your event needs to launch guests into the aether of dancefloor joy!