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What is Phoole & the Gang?

After a 24-year live interactive environmental improvisational comedy career as 16th-century court jester Jane the Phoole, Phoole pivoted to live interactive online performance with Phoole & the Gang in 2013. Live from the PhooleOut Shelter under her Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA bungalow, Phoole hosts a weekly live interactive "kids' show for grownups" featuring two boisterous hours of music, chat, eye-popping visuals, a very cute cat or two, her out-and-proud trans wife Tiffany, and a dry ol' skeleton named Uncle Fweddy. Phooligans from around the world tune in live to dance and chat, and the podcast that results from the live music-and-goofiness extravaganza is enjoyed by hundreds of listeners weekly. Phooligans love to hunker in Phoole's online bunker, briefly escape the horrors of the world, and recharge with positive LGBTQIA2+-community and Gen-X representation, in which many tuner-inners and listeners feel themselves reflected. Tiffany is immunologically compromised, so Phoole and Tiffany are literally sheltering in real life; many Phooligans who are also left behind by the world's leaders' failure to respond to the pandemic find comfort and camaraderie in the PhooleOut Shelter.

pew pew lasers
triple trouble
truly underground club
80s shows are the most fun
disco storm trooper attacks
pew pew lasers 2
we're famous
is he right behind me
gimme shelter
cozy angelo
Uncle Fweddy has a fancy moustache
this picture means worlds to me
angelo gives up the bellies
super fun
Fweddy and Babu
pride with Fweddy
400 Preshow Lightsaber Enhanced
80s Aurora TV Mountain Still Frame
Phoole Graffiti Mural Loonapix Orig
PhooleOut Shelter Sign Gray Bunker Exhaust Fans PlaceIt
Cyberpunk city blue mirrorshades
Phoole Fire on TV in Suburban Family Living Room Original
Angelo the Cat
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