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1  noun  ˈbläg, -ȧg   plural -s
2  intransitive verb   -ed/-ing/-s
: to talk pretentiously and usually inaccurately : lie boastfully

Stabbin' to the Oldies

...and also to the newies and in-betweenies. Why was last night's The Ides of March show such a ridiculous amount of fun?!

@Winni4U in Scharbeutz, Germany always snaps and sends captures from each show, and they're always great. In the moment above, Angelo the Cat appears to be explaining Bayes' Theorem of Probability to me, and it's perfect.

The whole show was so much fun! Just look at Uncle Fweddy in his toga and laurel wreath. HAIL FWEDDY!

After I randomly pulled the Damien Hirst card from the Art Oracle for Minimal_Liminal in DeKalb, Illinois, USA, I tried to lighten the mood by saying, "Well, at least you didn't get Jeff Koons." WELL, guess what I then pulled at random for UnrealBrian in Michigan, USA:

Compounding the tasks already-integral to doing a Phoole & the Gang broadcast with the variables of six different oracles made for an exhilarating show full of surprises and fun conversation. The oracles might need to make more appearances on the show. They're fun, and terrifying! But mostly fun.

Here is a speed-through preview video sharing bits of just some of the music in the show:

The video segments edited together for the show loop are by Dutch visual artist Bart Verlaak, a/k/a LAAK. They're part of his Memento Mori loop pack, which he kindly shared with me - please check out all of his cool work and his Memento Mori short film, containing expansions of these segments in a more serious context.

Please check out all of The Ides of March, Phoole & the Gang Show 473, if you haven't yet, or even if you have. I'm really happy with it, and I think you'll enjoy it! Rewind links live at - check out the video too!

Tune list for Show 473:

Keep A Lid On Things - Crash Test Dummies

Good Luck (feat. Lisa Kekaula) (Original Mix) - Basement Jaxx

Good Luck, Bad Luck - Howard Jones

Chances - High Contrast

Shining Star - Earth Wind & Fire

Give stupidity a chance - Pet Shop Boys

Backstabber - Ke$ha

Die Right Now - KNOWER

Living In Hope - The Rutles

The Politics Of Dancing - Re-Flex

I Can't Decide - Scissor Sisters

Lucky - PNAU & Vlossom

Stardust - Silverland

My Future Is Your Future - Gigamesh

Reason - Cats Hero

Policy of Truth (Joman Remix) - Depeche Mode

Star to Fall (Club Mix) - Cabin Crew

Feel The Passion (Palladium Mix) - Blue Pearl

Cuts You Up (Edit) - Peter Murphy

Last Chance On the Stairway (2009 Remastered Version) - Duran Duran

Vision Thing - The Sisters of Mercy

Curse of The Weggy Board - J.T. Sexkik

Call Me On the Ouija Board - Sharon Needles

I'm The President - KNOWER

New Dress - Depeche Mode

Dance of Doom - KNOWER

The Future Is Ours - Messiah

Midnight Moon (M83 vs CCR) - LeeDM101

A Better Future - David Bowie

A Million Stars - The Young Punx

Memories of the Future - Oliver

Cast Your Fate To The Wind - Vince Guaraldi Trio

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