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: to talk pretentiously and usually inaccurately : lie boastfully

Phoole On Tour 2024

COVID isn't over, and in fact it's surging currently! So no "playing out." Instead, we're continuing to TOUR MY HOUSE - and a thoughtful Phooletide gift is making that easier!

Some of this post was seen early by Phoole Patreon Patrons! AND they got a lot more insider info, about my long history of directing street characters who had carts, my own previous lack of carts, and my sudden ownership of TWO carts. You want in? Get in!

Friday night's Phoole & the Gang, our 467th show, will continue the tour of...our house!

We'll be live on Friday, 12 Jan 2024, at 6:00 p.m. Central US time at,, &!

Need help signing up at the different platforms and tuning in? Visit the Phoole & the Gang tab at

Rewind past shows at

It's freezing cold down in the PhooleOut Shelter. To make appearing on the show more accessible to my cutie wife Tiffany, who lives with health conditions that make it very difficult to endure cold temperatures, and to our cats Tony and Angelo, who are...cats, I'm going to keep doing shows on the very-toasty main floor of our 1927 Milwaukee bungalow until the PhooleOut Shelter thaws.

For Christmas, Tiffany didn't just give me Edward Gorey books. That would have been enough! That would have been plenty! I've only colored in the first page of the Edward Gorey Coloring Book. I have many, many more pages in it to color. And I haven't used ANY of the Edward Gorey stickers yet! I need to get on that. Life is short. Use the stickers.

But Tiffany also got me a DJ CART.

It is one of those metal wire shelving racks with wheels from Costco. At its full height, it would be almost six feet tall, but we are only using the bottom half of it. It is three shelves, with big wheels, two of them locking, and it is exactly perfect for "the rig" of subwoofer, monitor speakers, microphones and stands, mixer, Traktor controllers (X1, Z1 Mk II, F1), lollipop headphone, and the three laptops I use to run a show (the Dell Windows laptop for socials, the 13" MacBook for music, and the 15" MacBook Pro for video and broadcast). And, if I must further conserve space, the tripods and dollies for the cameras can fold up and fit in it too. It's got everything at a great height for sitting or standing. And I can very easily move it all around the first floor of our house by myself, without disconnecting everything and moving everything off of it. Zoom! I'm on tour all over our main floor for the rest of the cold times!

If a thing makes it easier for us to survive 2024 on Planet Earth, I have to love the thing.

It is a simple but potent pleasure.

I still intend to return to the PhooleOut Shelter when it gets warm enough - and Cart Life is showing me that there is a ton of gear in the Shelter that is superfluous, which is great! I can get rid of about a thousand miles of cable that I just am not ever going to use. I can spend a little time in the intervening months slimming down what is stored in the Shelter.

Friday's show will contain oomphy-boomphy juicy remixes of disco tunes, some random funky tech house because I feel like it, and some stonkin 80s-tune remixes and replays. It will be the kind of show you can dance to, so clear some space and cut some rugs! I had forgotten that Gigamesh did a sweet-ass remix of Donna Summer's 'Bad Girls,' and that it was in the 2019 CHARLIE'S ANGELS movie in the party scene at the climax of the film, but we just re-watched that thing, and it made me want to do a show about it. The next morning, my sweat-tastic Supernatural VR workout with warrior-woman Coach Leanne Pedante served me up remixes of Diana Ross and Chic that I'd never heard before, somehow, and they flipped my LID. If you are a Supernatural athlete too, this is the workout, so you can enjoy it too. I go back to it a lot. A lottt. It's stupid amounts of fun and quite challenging too.

An iPhone screenshot of the Supernatural VR Quick Hits Mood Booster workout cover photo, showing a pair of disco-ball cherries against a pink background.

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