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1  noun  ˈbläg, -ȧg   plural -s
2  intransitive verb   -ed/-ing/-s
: to talk pretentiously and usually inaccurately : lie boastfully

Chappy Phoole Year 2024!

🎩🍾 Count down the New Year SEVERAL DAYS EARLY with us and go to bed afterward!

An evening party scene illustrated by Edward Gorey depicts a crowd of party guests sipping champagne and cocktails in formal evening dress. The text “Chappy Phoole Year MMXXIV” floats in the foreground in a font based on Gorey’s hand lettering, in a shade of green reminiscent of absinthe.

Sick of 2023? Abhor the social pressure to be awake at midnight on New Year's Eve? US TOO.

This post contains bits of a post that the Phoole Patreon Platoon already received.

Tiffany and I assessed my seclusion during 2023, and three dominant themes emerged: cozy, esoteric, and macabre. On receiving this bounty of books, I surmised that Frankie's marketing cohorts would probably call this grouping the Edward Gorey.

We both brought love for Edward Gorey to our relationship when we found each other - but over the years, our Gorey library has been entirely loaned away, never to be seen again. It's how it is with books! So it is good to have these three volumes, plus art with which I can interact with childlike glee mixed with Gorey foreboding.

Do you love Edward Gorey? What are your favorites of his? I know everyone loves those Gashlycrumb Tinies and the animated introductions to the MYSTERY! television series. My personal favorites are The Curious Sofa and The Sopping Thursday, both of which are contained in the AMPGOREY anthology volumes Tiffany thoughtfully provided me. 

Do you not know about Edward Gorey? A documentary film about him is slated for a 2024 release - the filmmakers made a little series of animated interviews with Gorey called GOREYTELLING which you can watch online if you want to.

This Gorey haul solved the micro-dilemma of what theme I would select for the art for Chappy Phoole Year 2024! If you would rather not Stay Up All Thing on December 31, you are welcome to join us online to ring in the New Year two days early and then you can just enjoy Two Phantom Days Between the Years without all the tedious fretting about whether you'll make it 'til midnight on the night itself. One may then safely decline invites to infection-prone indoor fêtes by saying, "No, thank you, I've already rung in the New Year; let's catch up after you've...caught up."

The Gorey theme brings its own oracle, even! I quickly acquired Gorey's delightful and horrid The Fantod Pack and will pull cards for those wishing to squint at their dooms for the coming year.


I have a COMPLICATED RELATIONSHIP with alcoholic beverages, as one can well imagine.

I almost never drink booze, ever, at all.

But when I do, it's ABSINTHE, BABY. Why fritter an altered state away on champagne, when one can pursue the green fairy, and make terrible decisions at great speed?

I'm not just repping the 414 for the sake of devotion to where I happen to live.

I have tried many absinthes. MANY. Perhaps a hundred? Maybe dozens. I have tried the ones that you'd think would be the best.


Amerique 1912 is the most delicious and the most entertaining.

It's an upper and a downer at the same time. It's one of only two boozes (with tequila being the other one) that energizes you whilst simultaneously suppressing your judgment, all by itself, no extra stimulant required.

I will be chasing la fée verte during the Chappy Phoole Year show Friday. Will I remember how to do anything? How many terrible ideas will I have? Tune in for the ill-advis'd caprice!

🎩🍾 Jazz, big band, swing-house, electro-swing, chap-hop, chap-step, skiffle-house, acid ragtime, old jack swing, absinthe house, VDM (Vintage Dance Music) and affiliated decadent delicacies for your rug-cutting pleasure!

🎩🍾 Tune in Friday 29 December 2023 for Chappy Phoole Year camaraderie from 6pm Central US time at,, &!

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