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1  noun  ˈbläg, -ȧg   plural -s
2  intransitive verb   -ed/-ing/-s
: to talk pretentiously and usually inaccurately : lie boastfully


Just stick the Phoole & the Gang flag in ALL the paintings.

🧨 Tomorrow night (Friday, 5 July 2024), US Phooligans will have recent socio-political upheaval and the annual amateur-fireworks barrage from which they'll need to recover, and UK Phooligans will be needing to recover from whatever happens in their election today.

🧨 So the PhooleOut Shelter will be on-line and operational at 6:00 p.m. Central US time with a FREEDOM show - all the tunes will have "freedom" in the title or lyrics or sentiments or something.

🧨 Tune in and get free! It's a free show.

🧨 Not sure how to tune in? Visit the Phoole & the Gang tab at

🧨 Haven't tuned in in a while? Forgot your login or password? Log in right now so you can reset your password or otherwise remember how to get in so you're not panicking at go-live.

Chomp on Show 482

🦷 Our Wisdom Teeth show was about teeth, wisdom, and the absence of these things.

🦷 Why not chomp on it again, or for the first time?

🦷 is where that happens, for the time being.

🦷 Here's a taste of the tunes in the show!

Feeling Real 1933 Out There Lately

...and not in a fun jazz-age-cosplay swing-house kind of way.

My city is pandering pretty hard to a big national convention that's happening here in a couple of weeks. It's a convention of people who want to stuff people like Tiffany and I into boxcars and send us to camps. My city is bending over backwards - and forwards - to be jovially-hospitable to villains, and it is really rattling me.

That convention kicks off during the middle week of July. Depending on how events unfurl, I may disappear from the intertubes for a few months at least - and then depending on how the US elections pan out in August and November, that moratorium could either end or extend indefinitely.

I will keep broadcasting Phoole & the Gang live for as long as I can, but after mid-July, that might be the one and only way to catch the show for a while, unless you want me to send you files. I don't have a plan in place to facilitate this - but you can hit me up and I'll figure something out. I do have a WeTransfer account, so that's a possibility.

Catching Phoole & the Gang live might be the only way to interact with me on-line at all after mid-July, in fact. I'm trying to deactivate my FarceBark profile. That sure isn't easy, is it? I keep getting the "Sorry, something went wrong" error. Yes, something went wrong, FierceBerk, and that's why I'm deactivating.

Interestingly, the process of trying to deactivate my ForceBork profile taught me a weird lesson about independence, and today is that day! Independence Day, in the US. I discovered that actual hundreds of people with whom I'm FarceBark 'friends' have absolutely zero awareness of what's going on the US that could inspire someone to want to erase one's digital footprint, to make it more difficult for one to be found, harassed, indexed, retrieved, relocated, and murdered.

The independence lesson is this: I'm glad I'm not leaning on 'social' media for...anything. I'm glad you and I are connected independently, outside the walled-garden copium-field advertising-onslaughts posing as online social networks.

If your town is looking really 1933 too, and you're in the US, visit the Links page at for some resources, and I'm so sorry this is where we are.

Digital Hoarding: Engage

In case my show archives have to go off-line mid-July, you may want to hustle over to and 'fill your boots,' as they say, downloading past Phoole & the Gang shows for offline listening.

If you have a lot of digital storage space, and you still use Google apps, you can even download videos of the shows from if you want to, at least until mid-July. They're big files!

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