the way FORWARD is UP and IN

Worldwide phenomenon Phoole has been shaking hands and shaking brains since the year 2000, meeting people and showing them fresh ways of thinking about themselves and everyone they encounter.




From England’s Muncaster Castle to boardrooms across the United States to her role as Official Court Jester of the City of Milwaukee, inspiring “A-ha!” moments and learning-through-laughter, every instant with A-E Shapera is a vibrant smile-fueled solution focused on insight, integrity, intention, and commitment. She tells the truth about where you are - and helps you divine where you’re going.

make it

worth it

In Session
Phoole Schoole sows and grows trust and engagement, excitement, and ignition for your organization’s leaders through four connected principles. Simple direct paths lead to a workplace full of respect, support, energy, and trust.


Include values every player in the game and invites all to participate with excitement and enthusiasm.

Elevate lifts all of us to the place where we shine a light on every contributor’s special talents, skills and identities.


Build the Bridge is the connection that makes listening a superpower and sparks energized empathy.

Make It Worth It is showing up and giving your best - for customers, for clients, for your organization… and for you.

Phoole Schoole revs energy, reinvigorates trust, and sparks enthusiasm and excitement to transmit core company values to every corner of the culture.


"Ann-Elizabeth rolls the essence of street theater, stand up comedy…tempers it with the ability to listen to each individual audience member…inserts a dash of humanity and comes up with the essence of Fool... She provides customized humor to cause the audience to laugh with her at life, and to look at themselves for what is right and fun."
Chris Ivanovich, Northwestern Mutual

"… elemental, unstoppable, elegant, entrancing and effortless all at the same time."
Andrew March, Opposable Thumb Design

"… the hardest audience anyone could have. You did such a great job of making it fun, being funny and crowd management. It was just what they all needed during this high stress period. Thanks so much!"
Cordelia Gelly, Milwaukee High School of the Arts

"Ann-Elizabeth has a keen sense of communication... I would recommend her for any public speaking engagement where you want to impress your audience. She is unique and genuine in both her work and personal life."
Patti Lahey, ASL Interpreter 


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