panties on the outside

a catchy-af dance tune 

about wearing 

one's panties

a/k/a knickers or pants

on the outside of

one's clothes

original idea

by chloe arbiture

a/k/a chlobot

and a-e shapera

a/k/a phoole

intended to

make people

laugh & dance

124 BPM

Bassline is the hook from 'Paperback Writer' replayed but sped-up rather ridiculously and fuzzed out

Chunky Synth Chords: rhythmically and intervally a little bit like Duran Duran 'Girls On Film' verses, but slightly different rhythm and different key obviously

Chorus: Soul vocal style - PANTIES ON THE OUTSIDE x 2

Lou Reed 'Walk on the Wild Side' doot-doo-doots happen to layer inside of the refrain and over it nicely and then even get a solo at one point

Inspirations - 90s house classics like these:

'I'm Gonna Get You Baby' by Bizarre Inc. ft. Angie Brown

'Be My Lover' by La Bouche

'Rhythm is a Dancer' by Snap

'Rhythm of the Night' by Corona

'Show Me Love' by Robin S.

and so on

The spoken vocals are intended to be in a style similar to that in Ursula 1000's magnificent 'Fiorucci':


(spoken, female voices in chorus or 1 voice layered)

Shopping for some panties
Found the perfect pair
Couldn't wait to put 'em on
Didn't even care

Wore 'em on the outside
so everyone could see
that this li'l pair of panties
were the perfect ones for me

(need 2 more sets of verse lines, maybe complaining about how if you don't wear them on the outside, no one will know they're cute, or showing other people's reactions to wearing panties on the outside)

Double-time phase lines
Panties on the inside
Panties on the outside
Panties on the upside
Panties on the downside
Panties on the left side
Panties on the right side
Panties on the Dark Side
Panties on the bright side
Panties on the young side
Panties on the old side
Panties on the hot side
Panties on the cold side
Panties on the front side
Panties on the back side
Panties on the calm side
Panties on the wild side (<-- ritardando so lyrics are understood)
(here is where the Lou Reed doot-doo-doots come thru)
(and so on in a similar structure)

A-E is thinking of singing this herself and surprising the world with her soul vocal flex