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1  noun  ˈbläg, -ȧg   plural -s
2  intransitive verb   -ed/-ing/-s
: to talk pretentiously and usually inaccurately : lie boastfully

Bunker Inspection 2023!

Hunker in our bunker tonight on Phoole & the Gang!

A PhooleOut Shelter sign hangs in a dark subterranean bunker. The fuchsia Phoole and the Gang flag logo floats to the left of the sign, with the text BUNKER INSPECTION stenciled in white paint on the right side.

We started having annual BUNKER INSPECTION shows back in 2020, after protests against racial disparities in police violence scared our former president so much that he hid in his underground bunker - but then later claimed he was just inspecting it. Inspiring! We already had the PhooleOut Shelter - we'd retreated into it back in 2016, just after that guy got "elected" - so it seemed natural that we should institute regular Bunker Inspections of our own. This led to a small catharsis-with-a-little-synthesis annual celebration of hiding away while still staying connected to the Phooligan family worldwide.

BUNKER INSPECTION is LIVE tonight on Phoole & the Gang, 2 Jun 2023, 6pm Central US time at,, &!

Need help signing up at the different platforms and tuning in? Visit the Phoole & the Gang tab at

Here's the start of our Bunker Inspection checklist, which you can use to start your own!

Happy Pride Month!

The Hive (the City of Milwaukee's LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group) with Mayor Cavalier Johnson and allies at the raising of the Progress Pride Flag outside Milwaukee's City Hall Complex on 1 June 2023

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and I could not be prouder of Tiffany and her work with The Hive, the City of Milwaukee's LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group. Just look at that banner - Tiffany designed the logo and the banner! Mayor Cavalier Johnson raised the Progress Pride Flag with The Hive yesterday morning and has invited us to march with him in Milwaukee's Pride Parade this coming Sunday, 4 June 2023.

Thank you, Rewinders

Thank you to everyone who re-watches or re-listens to past Phoole & the Gang shows! It's good to be in your eyes and ears. Thank you. is where the highest-quality audio replays of the show exist - and it's also where the RSS feed for the podcast lives. Go directly to the source! Here's last week's show for you to re-love, or to love for the first time if you missed it! You can also find it almost anywhere you get podcasts.

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