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1  noun  ˈbläg, -ȧg   plural -s
2  intransitive verb   -ed/-ing/-s
: to talk pretentiously and usually inaccurately : lie boastfully

80s Request Show

Tonight on Phoole & the Gang it's an 80s Request Show!

🧷 Join us in the PhooleOut Shelter from the safety of your own home (or wherever you happen to be) for an 80s show on Phoole & the Gang - and what we play is up to you!

👾 Smash Hits 📼 Deep Cuts 🎸 Classics 💾 Synthesizers 🎹 Soundtracks of a Past Future 🌆 Friday 14 April 2023 at 6pm Central US time at, &

I won't be live on Twitter after tonight's show

This show, show #439, is the last one I will broadcast live on that platform. I should have stopped there a while ago, but there's been this weird kind of thrill of getting away with streaming live on a continually-imploding platform that doesn't know I'm streaming on it...? But it's been way too fashy for too long now, and I don't want to give it any more traffic. If you're still on Twitter and usually watch the show there live, please consider switching to one of the other, far-superior platforms! If you prefer the Twitter stream because it doesn't have a chat function, you can make all of the other platforms not have a chat function - there are ways on each platform to close the chat or hide it, so you can just watch it, if you want. Or you can make a foray into saying "Hi!" and making requests - everyone in the chat is very cool and nice and welcoming at all the platforms. Come on in!

Revenge of the Frik is coming

Uncle Fweddy, a skeleton, dressed in a Phoole and the Gang flag logo t-shirt, sits cross-legged on a purple chesterfield sofa, reclining against a russet cushion. He has one arm draped casually over the arm of the sofa, and his other arm is around Babu Frik, an Ansellan droid technician from the Star Wars universe. They are good pals.

Phoole & the Gang has a Star Wars show on or around May 4 every year, because of "May the 4th Be With You," and its accompanying joke "Revenge of the 5th" or "Revenge of the 6th," depending on which one of those is closest to or on a Friday in a particular year.

This year, because we love Babu Frik so much, the show will be REVENGE OF THE FRIK.

This year our Star Wars show is on May 5, 2023. If you haven't experienced one of our Star Wars shows yet, check it out! It's adorable dumb nerdy fun in OUTER SPAAAAACE with a ton of surprising and great music from long ago and far away.

Phoole in the PhooleOut Shelter before Phoole and the Gang show number four hundred, a Star Wars show. The PhooleOut Shelter sign is re-made in the Star Wars universe's Aurebesh language. The astromech droid BB8 is on a lighted pillar in the background. Uncle Fweddy, who is just a skeleton, wears a Phoole and the Gang flag logo t-shirt and a Stormtrooper mask. A Gonk droid powers everything from the back corner of the shelter. Phoole brandishes a purple lightsaber with a terribly serious expression on her face.

SERIOUS FACE PHOOLE in silly space circumstances! Do you like our GONK droid?

Everthing is heavy

Everything is heavy these days! I have been saying to Tiffany lately that I'm afraid I'm becoming not-fun anymore, or that I've become not-fun. She says I'm still fun. I believe she's biased. But 2023's gravity is amplified.

I'm beginning to doubt whether Phoole & the Gang will continue past its tenth Phooliversary. I am sliding down a chute of parental ill health on both sides of our family, mortality concerns abounding, a dayjob in civil service management in an end-stage-capitalist society (when challenges explode and resources vaporize), and a reckoning about the kind of artist I am.

Every instinct in me is screaming to just stop doing everything and just be for at least a little while.

I might have to listen to that soon. But for now we go on!

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