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7 Years In

7 years into my second entertainment career, it's time for a fresh BLOG, which we will call a Phlog, because "Ph" starts "Phoole," and because I will probably use it to flog things I'm making for and with Phooligans.

My first entertainment career lasted 24 years and brought so many of you into the Phooliverse! My second entertainment career has been so, so different from the first one in a lot of ways.

Today, in June 2020, I'm so happy for the differences: amid pandemic and protests, we can still congregate safely, because the PhooleOut Shelter is online, and the Phooliverse is interactive worldwide, despite discord or disease.

On Friday, 19 June 2020, we will celebrate Phoole & the Gang's 7th Phooliversary!

Here's what the very first Phoole & the Gang show looked like, back on 20 June 2013 (screengrabs by Nicole Dicop-Hineline):

Over the years, the show's been live and interactive:

  • on 3 different radio stations and had 2 indie stints

  • on 4 different broadcast platforms

  • broadcast from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean

More numbers from 7 years on the air:

  • over 300 shows

  • over 600 hours on the air

  • over 3,000 hours of show preparation

  • 8 different studio configurations in 4 different locations

  • live listeners and archive-rewinders in over 100 countries and over 420 cities

  • over 9,000 tunes played

  • millions of people happy

We'll also be debuting a brand-new tune! Thanks once again to the invaluable help of The Aardvark a/k/a Paul Taylor, I teamed up again with Fidget Studios' Barry Diston for a tune that's all about the underground disco that is the PhooleOut Shelter and a phrase that's a big part of the Phoole & the Gang life - I can't wait for you to hear it!

Phoole & the Gang wouldn't exist without these people:

Don't miss the 7th Phooliversary Show!

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