At the Joust
Fairy and Phoole
Princess and Phoole
All Smiles
Jane with Magnolia May
In the Woolens
Benevolent Gaze
Owl and Phoole
O No Thou Didst Not
Bunneh and Phoole
Juggling Jane
Jane with Myrtle the Coati
At Muncaster's Gate
Portrait Phoole


Jane the Phoole is Milwaukee's Official Jester and a professional Fool! She's brilliant at Walking Around Talking to People. Her silliness, wit and style make your event one your guests will always remember with a satisfied laugh.

Jane with Magnolia May

Jane the Phoole with Magnolia May, Mistress of Misrule, at the 12th Annual Jane's Ville Renaissance Faire! Photo by Steven Bourelle